Atlikite anglų kalbos testą ir sužinokite, kokios šiuo metu yra jūsų anglų kalbos žinios. Atsižvelgdami į testo rezultatą, rekomenduosime jums School of British English kursus.

Testo trukmė – 40 min.
Klausimų kiekis – 60 (apima 3 skirtingas klausimų grupes).
Galimi atsakymų variantai – 4 (tik vienas atsakymas teisingas)

Testą atlikite savarankiškai.

Testas tikrina gramatikos ir žodyno žinias bei komunikacinius kalbos gebėjimus. Testo klausimai sudėlioti sudėtingumo tvarka.

Testo rezultatus gausite iš karto.

Rezultatuose matysite per kiek laiko atlikote testą, kiek klausimų atsakėte teisingai, bei kokio orientacinio lygio Jūsų kalbos žinios.

Prieš pradėdami testą, susipažinkite su mūsų taikoma asmens duomenų tvarkymo, naudojimo ir saugojimo tvarka >>.

Vardas Pavardė*
El. paštas*
1. Where_________ from?
2. We have_______house in Moscow.
3. I have two_______, a boy and a girl.
4. I work in a_______. I’m a doctor
5. This is my brother._________name’s Paul.
6. _______five people in my family.
7. I get up_______7 o’clock in the morning.
8. I like apples, but I________bananas.
9. Excuse me,_______speak French?
10. How much are________shoes?
11. ______you have a good time at the party? Yes, it was fun.
12. Are you________English teacher?
13. Bob will meet_______at the airport.
14. I’m going to a concert tonight._______you like to come?
15. _______use your dictionary? Sure. Here you are.
16. I like this apartment but______is very expensive.
17. Excuse me, how do I______to the bus station?
18. Do you sell stamps? Yes, we do. How______do you want?
19. Sorry I’m so late. That’s______.
20. I’d like______milk in my coffee, please.
21. ________a bus stop near my flat.
22. Paula______loves working with children.
23. Is Ottawa the capital of Canada? I think ______.
24. We never ______a television when I was a child.
25. We paid the restaurant bill_____credit card.
26. The last time I______Joanna was in Paris.
27. If you______money from a friend, you should always pay it back.
28. Can I make myself a cup of coffee? Of course. You______to ask.
29. I______a lot of sport in my free time.
30. ________anywhere interesting recently?
31. It’s Walter’s birthday on Friday. He______be 30, I think.
32. Learning the piano isn’t as difficult _______learning the violin.
33. If I________closer to my office, I could walk to __________work.
34. I______outside the cinema when suddenly a police car arrived.
35. Shall we go to The Riceboat for dinner? It______be fully booked. They’re sometimes busy on a Monday.
36. We’ve______come back from a trip to India. It was amazing.
37. I’ve got to be at work in five minutes. Don’t worry, I______you a lift if you want.
38. My doctor advised me_______more exercise.
39. I couldn’t ______up with the noise in the city, so we moved to the countryside.
40. There’s no name on this dictionary. It______be mine then. Mine’s got my name on the front.
41. Julia _____married since she was 20.
42. Don’t worry if I _____late tonight. I’m going to the gym after work.
43. I’ve got a terrible headache, and it won’t go away. Have you tried_______some aspirin?
44. Salsa music always ______me of my trip to Cuba.
45. I______to be picking Tom up at the station but I’ve lost my keys.
46. How about going to Colours nightclub? There’s no______I’m going there. It’s awful!
47. By the age of 18,I________not to go to university.
48. I’m afraid your car_______repaired before next week.
49. The amount of organically grown food on sale has________ enormously in recent years.
50. Can you believe it? A woman has been______for hacking into the computer of her online virtual husband.
51. You may borrow my laptop______you promise to look after it.
52. It’s a huge painting. It_______taken ages to complete.
53. Pierre tends to put_____dealing with problems, rather than dealing with them immediately.
54. If the taxi hadn’t stopped for us, we ______standing in the rain.!
55. Pia was______delighted with the birthday present.
56. People were amazed that the burglary took place in_______daylight.
57. She invested a lot of time______researching the most appropriate university course.
58. The police claimed that they acted in self-________.
59. I______remember putting my briefcase down on that shelf.
60. He turned ______to be considerably older than I had imagined.

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